Sexual Integrity Counseling

Sexual Integrity Counseling

Our world is subjecting the people of all ages to the intense sexualization that surrounds us. Sexual temptation lies everywhere, on billboards, magazines, television, the internet, and hundreds of other stimulants. Even the purest of men and women fall to these temptations, but it is important to maintain sexual integrity. These negative influences can have a lasting effect on the well-being of families and individuals. People at at times forget God’s intended origin of man and our purpose and can get lost in the our sexualized society. Recognizing these stimulants exist is the first step to avoid them and resist these troublesome temptations.

Sexual sin invades the lives of everyone and can often disrupt the purity of one’s soul as we have all seen. These temptations we all have need to be taken seriously and to remain pure one must keep in mind that each sexual thought and form of pleasure is a step towards losing many of the things in your life that are important to you. There are steps you can take to prepare yourself in resisting these temptations, like having ways to distract yourself or having a friend to talk to.

Having a friend to confide in when dealing with these sexual feelings is important. Keeping these secrets inside you and in the dark can overwhelm you and make you even more subject to these temptations. People must see that it is perfectly normal to have these temptations and whether they are ashamed or not, it is best to confide in another about these thoughts or actions. It is near impossible to overcome these temptations on one’s own. Having someone there for you also makes you more accountable to watch over your actions and thoughts more closely and help you maintain sexual integrity.

Often times you may not have a mature Christian friend to confide in or may seek a professional. If you feel lost or too tempted, seeking counseling advice is step in the right direction. At Advance Counseling Center, we specialize in Sexual Integrity Counseling and can help plant the seeds in your life for sexual purity. Counseling helps provide direction and can help you make informed decisions to have a healthy sexual life. Maintaining sexual purity is important, if you feel you need help with your temptations, don’t be afraid to contact Advance Counseling Center sexual integrity counseling and we can give provide support and advice. If you are interested in our many other offered aids, see our other Boise counseling services.

People often find it comforting to fill these temptations with a new-found sense of good. Finding a passion or searching for a calling are productive ways that can enhance your life and fill the void left by sexual temptations. There is more to life than just being pure. In this lifetime, everyone must find their purpose and search for who they are. Use this form of distraction as a motive to improve yourself and define your existence.

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