Men’s Counseling

Men’s Counseling

As many men find it embarrassing, it is often difficult for men to admit they need help or mentoring. Traditionally, women seek help regarding mental health much more often than men, who are more inclined to believe that they do not need assistance regardless of their mental or emotional state of mind. Men can often feel stuck with where they are at in life and it is important to let them know that they are not alone and that they can be helped.

Male counseling can be the ideal environment to tackle personal challenges and nagging habits. However, at times men find revealing their emotions and personal thoughts to a stranger to be intimidating or even inappropriate. At Advance Counseling Center, we understand these personal blockades some men face and create an encouraging, safe environment where thoughts and emotions are discussed openly.

Newer studies suggest that men’s hesitation towards seeking health is not rooted in biology, rather social constructs. Our society teaches men to be well, men. Boys are taught from a young age to stand up for themselves and have a sense of strong sense of pride and independence. Social standards also teach men not to express their emotions too much and to maintain a strong and reserved sense of masculinity. Whether the predisposition is from peers, parents, or media, men are under the impression that discussing and being in touch with their personal thoughts and feelings is a sign of vulnerability. This mindset brought on by the social pressures of our community can cause men to have little to no contact with their emotions. In such a case, reaching out to seek counseling is impossible if there are no known emotional issues to be discussed.

It is important for men to see that seeking help is a perfectly normal thing to do and something that can improve them in all aspects of life. Prior to this men need to be able to connect with their emotions and see that they do need help. If you have a man in your life who you think may be in need of counseling and is unable to come to that conclusion himself, recommend him to a therapist. In areas of mental health, it is always safe to take the cautious road to because you never know what a person is going through in his or her head.

At Advance Counseling Center, we offer male specific counseling and mentoring. Counseling can help men who may be having personal issues that they are aware they need help with (alcoholism, gambling, addiction) and it can also be very helpful for men who feel like they are not in touch with themselves. Mentoring can be an enormous contributing factor to a man’s mental health and personal success as we can provide direction and map out steps to grow personally. If you or someone you know can benefit from our counseling, contact Advance Counseling Center Male ‘s counseling services. If you have other concerns regarding and counseling, see our other offered Boise therapy services.

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