Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy

There are many different forms of marriage therapy, some more effective than others.  One of the most interesting and powerful forms of relationship therapy is Imago Therapy. Imago Relationship Therapy takes a unique approach to mending a relationship by working to unveil unconscious components of what an individual wants in a mate. This method of therapy views the conflict that is stalling a relationship as a solution to be examined. This method was developed in 1980 and has been used as a tool to nurse thousands of relationships back to health.

Imago Therapy allows couples to build their relationship in a positive and productive manner by providing an emotional door into each member’s conscious. We all have an idea of what love is and what we would like it to be based on past experiences and perceptions. These can include parents, media, or childhood memories. Some people may want support and encouragement while others may seek freedom and independence. By unlocking these hidden moments of one’s past, couples can better address the issues between individual desires and work to mend their relationship in a positive way.

Imago Therapy works to tap into the unconscious desires of what one wants in a partner. Many people have an idea of what they may want in a partner, but Imago Therapy unveils desires on a whole new level outside of one’s initial awareness by accessing past experiences. For example, if an individual had a smothering problem as a child, then that individual may prefer a relationship where they are not pushed to be physically affectionate with someone and may want to be left with space. If an individual suffered a very lonesome childhood with little attention then they may have unconscious craves for affection at times and crave independence at other times. Imago Therapy helps connect these desires to the light and works with couples to fulfill these desires together.

Imago Therapy works to create awareness of previously unconscious aspects of a person’s psyche. The issue involved is then meticulously solved by attacking the root of the problem, rather than the symptom. Once this is done, the couple will work together to build a safety net for each other through an open and honest relationship where they address and solve each and every problem together. Often by revealing aspects of a partner’s subconscious, the relationship becomes closer-knit as both members are able to connect in a deeper way than they were before.

At Advance Counseling Center, we recommend Imago Therapy to couples who feel as if they could be connecting on a deeper level or if there is some sort of void in the center of the relationship. Imago Therapy also helps couples who may be confused or unsure of what they want in a marriage or relationship. If you are interested in seeking marriage counseling, contact Advance Counseling Center Imago Relationship Therapy Services and we can help get your relationship on the right track!

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