Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a branch of psychotherapy that works to strengthen and nurture the complex relationships within families. Through family therapy, parent-child relationships have been strengthened and given new direction by improving parenting and communication skills. Blended families have discovered new ways to connect with each other.

Here at Advance Counseling Center, we believe in the importance of a close-knit, trusting family. We use a variety of methods to assure any and your family is able to connect with each other on a meaningful and sincere level. We work to evolve the inner-workings of your families relationship into long-standing,  supportive bond where members of the family can be open with each other.

Families come to us for a wide variety of reasons. For instance, a “black sheep” in the family will often provide families with enough reason to come to counseling. This is when a member of the family is acting out in some way and could be as typical as a rebellious teenager. This individual can disrupt the balance of an entire family and make it difficult for them to interact with each other. Rather than attempt to ‘fix’ the individual, we encourage the family to talk openly about these issues and attempt to find the root of the cause within an open discussion. Once we find the root cause, we can provide the family with direction and lend a helping hand in the development of a close-knit relationship with each family member.

Crisis mode may be another reason for a family to seek counseling. This often involves a member of the family that is suffering from an addiction to gambling, drugs, alcohol, or other dangerous compulsions. We approach each of these situations delicately as the family often is struggling to cope with stressful financial situations or intruding emotions. Once again we encourage open discussion and expression of emotions to make the troubled member aware of how their personal choices has affected the people they care about most. We then discuss and develop methods to effectively mend the relationship and gaps within the family.

Another reason families step into our office could be dealing with abuse in some way. When any member of the family suffers from abuse, it is absolutely imperative that the family seeks help immediately. Abuse can be a horrible thing to cope with and lead to reckless and careless decisions from the victim or other members of the family. Whether it is verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual, we take abuse seriously and invest ourselves fully to help the victim and family cope and move forward in their lives.

These are just a few of the main reasons families may have to have the desire to seek a therapist. There are really an infinite number of reasons, as each family is different and holds their personal and relationship goals to a different standard. Family always comes first and at Advance Counseling Center, we are interested in helping every family we can with whatever they may need to guarantee safe and healthy family dynamics. If you feel a consultation or therapy could help your family, contact Advance Counseling Center family therapy services. If you have are wondering what other issues we can help you with, see our other offered Boise therapy services. If you are still unsure, see our FAQ’s about counseling services.

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