Children’s Therapy

Children’s Therapy

Children therapy is a very different approach from other traditional forms of therapy. Kids can often benefit from therapy, as it helps them develop problem solving skills and teach them the value of having a helping hand. Because the process of childhood is so dynamic, many kids may need help dealing with school stress, social anxiety, peer pressure, or family issues. At Advance Counseling Center, we make it our goal to serve each child’s needs and issues individually and let them know we are here to help.

It can be confusing knowing when to draw the line and decide that you should take your child to counseling. Because every child is different and each family situation varies so greatly, the decision can be a difficult task. Behavioral issues are often the telltale sign that a child may need help. Of course, every kid will cry and whine, but when you see your child lashing out at others or appearing upset and stressed at things they shouldn’t be, advising can be very helpful.

If your child is coping with a family loss or dealing with a troubling life event, or suffering from abuse, therapy is heavily recommended. Even if a child seems fine, they can often repress difficult emotions and hide their feelings if they don’t feel comfortable with where they are. This can lead to mysterious or sudden behavioral issues, depressed episodes, changes in appetite, and isolation over time. When it comes to your child, you always want to be safe and want to attack the small issues before they develop into major problems that can affect your child later in his or her life.

We take a gentle approach in counseling children. We first take precautions to ensure the child feels safe and comfortable in our office. We do this by using play therapy, games, puppets, anything we can do to appeal to their interest and make them feel like they are in a safe environment. This safety encourages children to freely express their emotions and and stresses in a secure environment. We then go step by step to addressing the source of your child’s behavior and building a healthy relationship between the therapist and the child. This allows us to communicate effectively with the child and find healthy solutions and perspectives that can make them think more positively and rationally.

We work to help children of all ages in developing problem solving skills, effective methods of communications, and relaxation exercises, all the while encouraging open thought and expression. If you feel that your child could benefit from therapy or a consultation, contact Advance Counseling Center children’s therapy in Boise, Idaho. We make your children our priority and work hard to give them a strong direction in life.

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